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I have a co-worker that I admire for several different reasons, one in which she reads a lot and I've always wanted to be an avid reader. Foremost, because with reading comes knowledge, but also because for me it requires discipline that I've always wanted. About 2 weeks ago she told me that someone had just told her about a book that she was going to reserve at the library, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I told her that I own that book at that she doesn't have to get it from the library because I would allow her borrow my copy. We began talking about what she was told the book was about and what I remembered the book to be about. Once she finished and returned the book to me on last Friday, we had another similar conversation. There was somethings about the book that I could not recall so I told her I was going to go home and re-read it over the weekend because just like in the book, everything happens for a reason and it was clear to me that the Universe had conspired for this very moment to take place. It was interesting to see what I highlighting I had done in 2014 when I first got the book versus what I highlighted this go around. 

As in the book The Alchemist, I believe we all have a personal divine destiny. I too believe that God talks to us, provides us with omens, people, things, and occurrences that are intended to move us closer to our purpose/destiny. Take for example, this morning I woke up to a Facebook message in which someone who I refer to as one of my mentors had sent me of the commencement speech of Deshauna Barber. A message of never giving up, and that victory is not a straight road/path. There will be "failures" and disappointment, but we must move forward. I then read the interview Missy Elliot did for the August 2019 Marie Claire magazine because a friend of mine had posted a piece on the interview that was covered on XONecole. In the very last line of the article Missy was asked what she wants us all to be thinking when we finish listening to her next album for the first time, in which Missy replies "There's no one like Missy. No one." I mean would we expect anything less profound from this G.O.A.T. !?!? But what if I told you, there is no one like you. That there is only one of you, AND EVEN BETTER that God placed a purpose in YOU!!!!!!! 

I'll end this post by saying THANK YOU GOD!!!!! I literally was having anxiety about my future in my sleep and you made sure that when you tapped me on my shoulder to open my eyes everything I needed to move forward boldly would be in place. YOU ARE JUST THAT GOOD and I don't take it lightly. You are indeed by far the very best part of me. 

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