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Healing Myself from Within

Healing myself has proved go be a challenging process. There has been good days and bad days. Such is life... I envision a time when my current struggles will no longer be prominent in my live. Currently my top struggles are:

1: Forgiving myself for my mistakes and shortcomings. I tend to get stuck on the things that I do wrong. I will literally relive something in my head over, and over again. 

2. Living for the moment. I spend a lot of time worrying about the future and not enough time having gratitude for what's now. 

3. My failure to ask for help. I have a false belief that I have no choice but to be self-sufficient. Their is also a reluctance to share both my struggles and my successes. I guess that's the introvert in me. 

The good news is I recognize these problems, and I am working on them. Admittance is the first step. I've been able to identify these issues and I have various ways of working on them to include my vision board, my journal, writing down and repeating affirmations, writing on a post-it note at least one thing I am grateful for a day and putting it on my wall, my blog and using my social media to follow other accounts that are positive, inspirational, and spiritual based.

I have to remind myself that I deserve my own grace! I am not perfect and I never will be. God loves me just as I am. He is always on my side and He always will be. Everything I want and need is already mine! He has given my victory and I must walk in my authority and power. 



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