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Style and Sustainability Have No Age

Studies show that women over 50 start to believe that fashion is no longer for them. My desire is that we all adapt to the idea that what we define as beauty should not begin with what we see in the mirror, but rather with what is in our minds! 

If you have not rid yourself of those old fashion rules, now is the time. Fashion is for you, you can have your own personal style, and wear what makes you look and feel good! You do not have to just wear black, or over-sized clothing. You can wear skinny jeans and distressed jeans if that's what you like. 

My advice for women over 50 who are looking to identify and/or change their personal style is the same for women under 50. Find Inspiration From Women Whose Style You Love. Whether it be Angela Bassett, Grace Ghanem, Oprah, Elaine Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tamron Hall, Kris Jenner, or whoever. Use them to draw your inspiration. Take a Specific Outfit and Use it for Inspiration When You Shop. Look for pieces that are similar/resemble those pieces. You Can Never Go Wrong with Basics. Your basics are your foundation and you can build upon them. Pieces like your favorite jeans, blazers, and a white button up are for everybody and these pieces are also easy to purchase sustainably. 


I've put together a Pinterest Board below that you can use for inspiration. Click the link and be inspired!


Be CreaTiff and Have Fun! Don’t forget you can purchase a Vintage/Thrift Style Box from me! Allow me to go shopping for you to add some pieces to your wardrobe or prepare you for your next special event/occasion!




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  • I enjoyed your blog on your topic from the blog today .Age no problem over style and substainability.Awesome Tiff gurl you are an Editor.Luv you

    Barbara granderson

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