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Styling Your Statement Pieces.

A part of my mission is to let you know that dressing sustainably does not mean you have to lack style. People tend to look at vintage and thrift as old/old fashioned and trash. I am here to tell you that is not the case!  

When I tried on this coat at the thrift store I initially did not buy it because I have extremely long arms and this coat’s sleeves were not long enough for me. I loved the color and style, and it fit other than the arms. I left it there and went to the thrift store across the street. Randomly there were some leg warmers hanging on the end cap with some belts. I literally saw the leg warmers and said I can use them for the coat across the street! I purchased the leg warmers and went across the street and got the coat for a STEAL! 

*Coat, leg warmers on arms, and top were all thrifted.*

I shop at thrift stores, second hand stores and scrap stores to to get materials to make statement earrings. I have fell in love with creating these statement earrings! They add to any outfit whether you are dressing up or down. 



*Animal Print top and yarn used for earrings were purchased second hand.*

Head on over to my CreaTiff Creations Collection to purchase your pair of earrings.


Lastly, I would like to share styling my statement graphic t-shirts. I created my graphic t-shirts with representation, affirmations, and inspiration in mind. When I wear them they help me to stay encouraged and I want them to do the same for you. Their statements include "Stronger Than Magic," "You Deserve Your Grace Too Sis," and "Spirit Led, Purpose Driven" among some other meaningful statements to me. My t-shirts have all been designed by me, but are made via a print on demand company to help me eliminate unnecessary mass production and waste. Here is some ways I have styled my graphic tees. 

*Black Jeans, Denim Jacket, Tie Dye Skirt, and Men's Button-up Used for Skirt are all thrifted.*

Shop my graphic t-shirts here.


As you can see, shopping sustainably does not mean you have to risk style. You too can make statements sustainably. In addition to living sustainably, I encourage you to Live CreaTiff (😉 see what I did there 😂).  For more on me and my sustainable fashion brand follow me on Instagram. 

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